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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is in charge of the operational management of PeaMUST activities. This decision-making body is composed by: 

  • WP1 leader: Judith Burstin (INRA Agroécologie)- Project coordinator
  • WP2 leader: Marie-Laure Pilet-Nayel (INRA IGEPP)
  • WP3 leader: Catherine Rameau (INRA IJPB)
  • WP4 leader: Richard Thompson (INRA Agroécologie)
  • WP5 leader: Françoise Labalette (Terres Univia)
  • WP6 leader: Magalie Leveugle (Biogemma)
  • WP7 leader: Amandine Remy (INRA Agroécologie)- Project manager
  • WP8 Leader: Xavier Pinochet (Terres Inovia)