In order to ensure and facilitate the correct operation of the PeaMUST's consortium (numerous public and private partners), the management of the project is ensured by two main bodies : the Governing Council and the Executive Committee.

  • The Governing Council is the decision-making body for the strategic orientations of the project. Chaired by the coordinator, it is composed of one representative per partner.
  • The Executive Committee is in charge of the operational management of all the activities of the project and is the decision-making body for the implementation of the project.

As additional resources, three committees provide an advisory role to the whole group :

  • an International  Advisory Board (SAB)
  • an Intellectual Property Review Committee (IPRC)
  • a Committee on Sustainable Development (CSD – established under the GIS "Biotechnologies Vertes").

Modification date: 25 April 2023 | Publication date: 11 March 2014 | By: Judith Burstin